Angelina Jolie in leggy black Versace at the Oscars: silly, funny & gorgeous?

OK, I’m ready to talk about Brangelina. No, wait. Let’s just skip the Brad Pitt stuff, okay? Because it was like he was barely there. I’m happy that he was nominated twice, as producer and actor, and I would have loved if he had won, but he basically had no chance. Hopefully, he knew that. So let’s just talk about Angelina Jolie and her LEG and this Versace gown. My thoughts on the gown in general – Angelina is comfortable in black, and she was made to wear Versace. It made her waist look tiny. CB and I think her arms look too skinny, so maybe she could have covered them up, but overall, I didn’t hate this on Angie. It wasn’t the best, it wasn’t the worst.

As for her posing and THAT LEG. I don’t even know what was possessing her throughout the red carpet and then on stage – she shouldn’t have to contort her body that hard in a gown. We understand – there’s a high slit. Put your leg down, Jolie. So, Angelina’s leg has now become a meme. Buzzfeed has “the ten best photos of Angelina’s leg” here. Angelina’s right leg also has its own Twitter account now. And when she presented Best Adapted Screenplay to the three screenwriters of The Descendants, they jokingly “assumed the position” with their legs out, and it was hilarious. I would have loved a cutaway to Angelina’s face then, because I hope she was laughing at herself.

So after The Descendants’ guys “mocked” her (in what I thought was good humor), everyone was like “OMG, they think she’s so stupid and obviously they hate her of course.” Um, what? So the screenwriters are getting even more press by explaining that it was just a light-hearted JOKE.

One of the best spontaneous moments of comedy during the 84th Annual Academy Awards came courtesy of Jim Rash, co-writer of The Descendants, and the daffy Dean Pelton on NBC’s Community. After he and collaborators Nat Faxon and Alexander Payne won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, Rash chose to spend his time on stage paying homage to presenter Angelina Jolie’s right-leg-flashing fashion pose.

“Honestly, as soon as I saw her pose like that, I was like, ‘I’m going to do that,’” Rash told EW at the Governors Ball after the show. Producers had asked all the nominees, explained Rash, to have only one person speak when there were three or more winners. “I knew Alexander was going to take the reigns, so I was like, ‘How can I make a moment?’ — selfishly,” laughed Rash. “I almost thought it was a little Dean Pelton, somehow. I was bringing it all together. Because I have stood like that [on Community].”

And no, Rash had not yet spoken with Jolie about the moment. Was he at least aware that, while he was doing the pose, Jolie was doing it too, standing in the dark on the far left of the stage? “Are you serious? Oh my god, that’s fantastic.”

[From EW]

Nat Faxon went on to tell The Hollywood Reporter, “Angelina’s supremely hot. There’s no way to do anything but honor her.” And Rash said, “I had just seen her pose and thought it was bold and fun. And you know what? We have exactly the same legs! Really, it was a loving tribute and nothing but.” See? It’s fine. Brangeloonies, don’t take a fatwa against these poor, funny screenwriters. Brange haters, chill out. These guys are not one of you.

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