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Seminar on "communication network transformation to promote innovation and development of related industries" held in weheartangelina C

  In February 20, 2009, Shanghai Communications Society cable transmission Specialized Committee should be invited by Jiangsu weheartangelina Limited by Share Ltd to convene in weheartangelina: "communication network transformation to promote the innovation and development of related industries". The meeting invited more than 30 experts from the Shanghai communications administration, the Tongji University of Shanghai, the Telecommunications Technology Institute, the Shanghai Economic Commission, the Shanghai Economic Commission, the Shanghai Cable Research Institute and the cable transmission Specialized Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Communications Society, as well as the related departments of technology, quality, production and management of weheartangelina company, representing nearly 60 ginseng The meeting was added.
The seminar was welcomed by the general manager of the Limited by Share Ltd Zhu Qizhen, Jiangsu, and chaired by the director of the Shanghai communications society, the director of Fan Zaiyun, the Specialized Committee. The symposium focused on the problems related to the transformation of the communication network and the development of the related industries in the transformation. The experts were invited to attend the meeting and made a wonderful thematic technical report and related technical case analysis. After the special report, the representatives and experts actively interact and exchange, discuss the technology and development trend of the related products. The atmosphere of the meeting is very warm. The wonderful report of the expert has received a warm applause from time to time. The seminar has important guiding significance for the transformation of enterprises and the formulation of strategic principles. The conference has been a success.
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